Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2020 (CANCELLED)


Name: Swedish Riichi Championship 2020
Date: 21-22 March 2020


Rules: EMA Riichi Competition Rules (RCR) - latest edition (2016)
Number of Participants: Cancelled
Venue: Cancelled

Registration: Cancelled
Registration Fee: Cancelled
Registration Deadline: Cancelled
Contact: jasper.germeys@gmail.com

Referee: Cancelled
EMA Observer: Cancelled


We do not supply any specific recommendations for hotels but;

To simplify hotel search, look for places around Stockholmsmässan Exhibition Center, Älvsö: https://www.booking.com/landmark/se/stockholm-international-congres-center.html.

If you don't mind some commute, the best option would be to stay close to the commuter train line https://sl.se/ficktid/karta/vinter/Ptag.pdf. Stations within half an hour commute (including walking) that lie fairly central are Årstaberg, Stockholms södra (southern train station is here), Stockholm city (central railway station, Flygbussarna and Arlanda express), and Stockholm Odenplan. There are many more hostels out there if you're interested in one.

Unique offer: we have two guest apartments in the same building as the venue, we will charge 40€/night for these, send an email to jasper.germeys@gmail.com if you're interested.


By Plane:

There are 3 possible airports fairly convenient to get to Stockholm:
  • Arlanda Airport - The main airport, from here you can take the commuter train directly to Älvsjö or a Bus coach (flygbussarna.se) to the central station. There is also both normal trains and express trains going to the central station.
  • Bromma Airport - The secondary airport, easiest from here would be a Bus coach (flygbussarna.se) to the central station, and then take the commuter train to Älvsjö. If you are fine with walking about 15 minutes then you can take local transport. (Easiest would be tvärbanan från Karlsbodavägen to Årstaberg and there swap to Commuter train).
  • Skavsta Airport - Located in Nyköping but still marked as Stockholm according to Ryanair. Has some cheap flights. To get from here the Bus coach (flygbussarna.se) to Stockholm central station is practically the only option.


Cheap and reliable, 99 SEK from Bromma or Arlanda, 139 SEK from Skavsta. Will drop you off at the central train station in Stockholm.

Local transit:

All the local transit (commuter train, subway and busses) are handled by SL.
You cannot pay by Cash in the train or bus.
You can buy individual tickets with the app or buy a travel card at stations, https://sl.se/en/fares--tickets/
there is a 3 days options that could be cheaper depending on planned use.

Commuter train:

Älvsjö lies 9 minutes away from the central train station in stockholm called "Stockholm City".
All trains going southbound pass through Älvsjö (announced as "Älvsjö Stockholmsmässan").
Älvsjö Station lies about 8 minutes walk from the Venue. There is also a bus 142 going towards Telefonplan (stop: Solberga Park).
If you want to get on or off at the Arlanda station you have to pay an additional fee of 120 SEK.

Subway (T-banan):

The red line towards Fruängen stops at Telefonplan, From there you can take the Bus 142 towards Älvsjö Station (stop: Solberga Park).
This route takes about 14 minutes subway + 10 minutes bus.

Night Bus (in case of late arrival):

The bus 190 stops just outside the venue (Solberga Park) and with one swap goes to Central Bus station. http://sl.se/ficktid/vinter/H190.pdf

Preliminary Schedule

8 rounds, 5 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday


19.00 – 00.00Registration and Friendly Games


09.00 – 09.30Registration
09.30 – 09.50Welcome
09:50 – 11:201st Session
11:20 – 11.4020 min break
11.40 – 13.102nd Session
13.10 – 14.40Lunch
14.40 – 16.103rd Session
16.10 – 16.3020 min break
16.30 – 18.004th Session
18.00 – 18.3030 min break
18.30 – 20.005th Session


09.30 – 09.50Welcome 2nd day
09.50 – 11.206th Session
11.20 – 11.4020 min break
11.40 – 13.107th Session
13.10 – 14.40Lunch
14.40 – 16.108th Session
16.10 – 16.3020 min break
16.30 – 17.00Award ceremony

Registered players


NameEMA IDCountry
1Niklas Johansson09990110  Sweden
2Linxuan He10990072  Spain
3Emma Fahlström09990088  Sweden
4Johan Fröhlander09990123  Sweden
5Joe-Calberson Huynh04040048  France
6Julien Fouques04160081  France
7Felipe Gaboardi09990107  Sweden
8Jasper Germeys09990047  Sweden
9Artem Titov15990311  Russia
10Anna Titova09990118  Sweden
11Oleksii Logvinov21000051  Ukraine
12Danylo Shatokhin21000037  Ukraine
13Dmitry Varchenko21000026  Ukraine
14Sami Kalliomäki14990109  Finland
15Marina ihnatova21000027  Ukraine
16Maksym Ivanov21000015  Ukraine
17Sveta Yaremenko21000055  Ukraine
18Pu Zhao19000100  Poland
19Veremenko Anastasiia21000067  Ukraine
20Mykhailo Nedokushev21000043  Ukraine
21Karl-Edward Ekeblad09990068  Sweden
22Morten Hervik23000011  Norway
23Thorgeir Marthinussen23000013  Norway
24Konstantin Pakshaev23000005  Norway
25Jo Magnus Frostaf23000006  Norway
26Glenn Ivar Husom23000003  Norway
27Kent Krogseng23000002  Norway
28Gustaf Frölander23000010  Norway
29John Roy Røsberg23000007  Norway
30Matej Labaš17990007  Slovakia
31Juraj Jergus17990004  Slovakia
32Eemil Aikio14990099  Finland
33Konsta Lensu14990024  Finland
34Jesper Nøhr03000176  Denmark
35Sheila Hansen03000156  Denmark
36Sebastian Vikkelsø Elleholm03000228  Denmark
37Petteri Huuskonen14990050  Finland
38Valentin Courtois04310012  France
39Sebastian Lavallée03000192  Denmark
40Mika Grönroos14990039  Finland